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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Ssa 789

Instructions and Help about Ssa 789

You Music hey my name is attorney Walter law the third with disability resolution PA what are we doing in question eight of the 20 most asked questions before the Social Security Administration let's go ahead and look at number eight number eight is what our compassion allowed for help you mine I printed them all out this top twenty question give you kind of an annotated larger version on what they actually wrote in there so what our compassion allows is compassion allowances are and what we call them in the industry compassionate allowance listing compassionate allowance with mortality or call them Calgon anything else cows are the really really extreme listed there the next step okay so remember how it ought to be constant or key in severity a lifting right will cows are excessive years of mild moderate to be an early extreme when the patient's okay they're not mild and I'm on arthroscopy here which are listing they are cows compassion allows listings at the extreme level a lot of people like Carol already found is able through a cow seems like an easy way yeah it is an easy way but it also means very likely with the next six months you're going to die from something or you have a really really bad deal with some of their disability so you don't necessarily want to be found disabled to Phii means to pass off for seconds I mean life is really not going into your direction right now all right one our compassion allows most things let's break it down there was a subcommittee that got together and said okay look we need to figure out which disabilities we can fast-track because you know people are dying from these really badly and we can't adjudicate these claims past enough to get up the money that they do which means that the people are dying and not doing the benefit and it seems like crappy deal because at the end of the day I think they did assistance and so forth not a yachtie they don't get the money because of dying before they can get their benefits so something that he came together and created the initial list the initial list of on epic now the list is squirted arm big because every couple of years is more more and more updated and added and things like that so what you need to know is that it's a special list where the most worst disabilities that you can potentially have that will pretty much automatically get you on ability train and here's why okay we talked about extreme they're really bad but what I mean by extreme I like stage four cancer hey missing lots of limbs do the amputation or some accident massive burn all over your body I mean here are really bad sheep do you want to be a cow national absolutely no you want to be found disabled your.

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