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Instructions and Help about What is a ssa 561 form

Hi my name is Sean good and I'm a social security disability attorney with the good law group located in Illinois today I want to talk to you about reconsideration or what I like to call recon so most cases involve three steps to get Social Security benefits the first step is application the second step is reconsideration the third step is hearing there are further appeals you can go to the district court before that excuse me the Appeals Council the district court whatever your circuit court is depending on the state you're in and lmoa it's a Seventh Circuit and then the United States Supreme Court in DC but today the big focus is unrefined for benefits and you've been turned down you're going to request reconsideration and the real question is should you request reconsideration and if you can't work or a loved one can't work then you should be filing for reconsideration reapplying is pretty futile and sorry to be the bearer of bad news but filing for reconsideration if you've already been turned down is kind of the rubber stamp of denial so in 2022 only 13% of people that ask for reconsideration were approved so the numbers are not that great for reconsideration there's a lot of people that think it should be removed from the process it often takes about a hundred days to get an answer on reconsideration and because only 13% of people get approved it's pretty much a rubber stamp of denial if you've been turned down an application I want to go through a few things that you need to do to file for reconsideration the first is how to do it you can do it by mail I think we do it here on online the reason I wouldn't recommend doing it by mail is because if you just put a postage stamp on the envelope and send it to Social Security there's a real high chance it's going to get lost so I think you can do it by mail but we do it online for our clients so there's three things you need to do to file for reconsideration the first is file in SSA 827 which is one of their documents it's so they can request more rep more medical records from your doctors this is so they can get an update on your treatment and see if anything's changed in your case because at reconsideration basically the adjudicator who did your application and denied it passes your application and the new evidence that they're going to get from the 827 and the update you give them to another adjudicator who you know most often you know denies it and basically they only approve 13 percent it's pretty abysmal so the second thing you're going to need to do is fill out the request for reconsideration this is a one-page document it's an SSA five six one and again you can find this on.

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