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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Social security appeal form

Instructions and Help about Social security appeal form

Either this is Jonathan Ginsberg and I want to talk to you a little bit about the denial notices you get from Social Security I was meeting with a client just the other day in my office and he had brought with him the standard denial notice from his initial application and he was very upset that this the language and that that notice said that we feel like you can work and you know we looked at the following medical records we couldn't get more of them this is what we got and we feel you can work I just said to him you know these are boilerplate letters these letters don't really mean a whole lot in the sense that Social Security uses a form letter they fill in certain fields and then they send it out so I wouldn't get too worried about a letter you get from Social Security that talks about you know why they denied you what's important that letter are a couple things one is you want to see what medical records they had because obviously if they had they didn't have you know half your medical record then that's something we need to know about make sure that they get it and improve your chances of getting approved at reconsideration and the second thing is sometimes denial notice will tell us what your date last insured is meaning when's the winders your disability insurance run out that sort of thing but otherwise I wouldn't pay a lot of attention to these form letters are just there to expedite the process and by the way if you apply and don't get a response don't get a denial notice or anything within about three or four months it's probably worth calling I've had this happen several times from Social Security will deny a case they will not send the notice out on time and then the 60-day time to appeal will run and my client will be stuck never receiving a notice of denial yet there's there's no way to appeal because the appeal deadline is run and I've even seen situations where the postmark on the denial notice is three weeks before the letter was actually received so I would tell you when you get your denial notice to save the envelope and make note of when you received it because you're supposed to have 60 60 days from the date of your receipt denial notice to file an appeal and more times than I think I would feel comfortable with Social Security has screwed that up I sent things out late or not sent them out at all and you've got to be your own advocate in these cases and really hire to find out what is going on so that you don't miss your appeal deadlines and just reiterate if you're denied you want to appeal you have 60 days you have to appeal within 60 days otherwise you have.

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