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Instructions and Help about Ssa-561-u2 2022 form

Welcome to the hill and Ponton disability blog and Natalia Joffrey our social security section director and I am Shelly Martin our females for social security attorney so we learned how to talk to you today about what happens if you're denied at the initial level which we talked about in our last vlog and what your basic options are so if you're approved congratulations it is somewhat of a rarity because 85% of cases are denied but if you're denied then you can file an appeal and request what's called reconsideration and that will now basically put you at the second level of the Social Security claims process so in order to file an appeal you have to complete very specific forms you can get these online you can submit your appeal online you can go into your local Social Security office or you can mail in your appeal we recommend probably that you file it online because it is the fastest way to submit your appeal and cut down on your wait time that's what we do for our clients if you go to your local Social Security office make sure you get there really early or perhaps you can try and make an appointment if you fail your appeal we strongly recommend that you send it certified return receipt so that way you have proof that it was actually received by the Social Security office because they have a history of not receiving things that are actually sent to them right there little things a lot so and you don't want it to come down to your word against theirs because the only option is going to be for you to start all over again and you have to exceed eight to file an appeal plus five mailing dates that sounds awkward but it can come in very very handy because let's say you get your denial you get sick and time sort of passes you by you have a total of 65 days however then you want to make sure that it's actually in their office within that time period because technically 60 so once that's one thing that I do but I noticed before is some of our clients may be permanent after while they're finding their disability acclaim and a lot of times at this point in their claim they're their correspondence may be sending to an address that they're not add all the time and so they run into issues where they're not they're not getting the decisions in a timely manner so that they can file an appeal so just a point to remember make sure whichever address you're using with Social Security is either your your address or if it is a different address that it's somewhere that someone's going to be notifying them you know as soon as the documents come in that's a really big deal so if you are having your denials or your mail in general.

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